Florida man allegedly stabs and kills pro-Trump boss after political argument

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A Florida man allegedly stabbed and killed his Trump-supporting boss after a heated political argument, according to local law enforcement. William Steven Knight, 28, described by authorities as a “proud and outspoken American and pro-Donald Trump,” was killed by employee Mason Trever Toney following a political altercation, according to witnesses. Police deputies found Knight dead with an American flag draped over him. Witnesses say they initially heard Knight call for help and found Toney repeatedly stabbing him with a trowel. The witnesses told deputies they attempted to stop the attack, but Toney proceeded to jump into a truck and drove away, calling them “terrorists.” A police affidavit says that Toney is outspoken about his political beliefs and believes the government is “out to get him,” according to local media. Toney was placed under arrest and is being held in Orange County, Florida, without bond.


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