Florida Democrat says officer who fatally shot Ma’Khia Bryant appears to have acted according to training

Just the News:

Representative Val Demings has previously served as Orlando police chief.

Rep. Val Demings during an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation said that it appears the police officer who fatally shot teenager Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio appeared to have acted in accordance with his training.

The congresswoman, who previously served as Orlando police chief, noted that she has served as a social worker with foster care kids, and said that “it’s a sad moment for me. But I also was a patrol officer who was out there on the street, having to make those split second decisions,” she said.

She noted that “now, everybody has the benefit of slowing the video down and seizing the perfect moment. The officer on the street does not have that ability. He or she has to make those split-second decisions, and they’re tough. But the limited information that I know in viewing the video, it appears that the officer responded as he was trained to do with the main thought of preventing a tragedy and” the death of the individual “who was about to be assaulted,” the Florida Democrat said. 

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