Florida couple charged with killing elderly man in disturbing carjacking  

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NY Post

A Florida couple is facing first-degree murder charges after police said they shot and killed a 78-year-old man at a CVS parking lot — then ran him over with his own car. Javonne Marece White, 19, and Jasmine Yvonne Munro, 25, are accused of shooting Uken Cummings during the brutal carjacking in Orange County on Sunday, WKMG-TV reported. Cummings was shot in the arm and chest with what police identified as an AR-15 style rifle. According to an arrest affidavit released Thursday, the pair then jumped into Cummings’ silver Mercedes SUV, backed up over his body then ran over him “like they were driving [over] a speedbump,” one witness told police. Police tracked down the stolen SUV at a Daytona Beach apartment complex on Monday. White and Munro were questioned by police and arrested early Thursday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter. “Thanks to the unrelenting work of detectives and deputies, both are charged with first-degree murder and carjacking,” the office’s tweet said. Munro told detectives that the two were kicked up by friends in Daytona Beach after dumping the SUV and threw away clothes “in order to avoid identification,” WKMG said. “He was a hard-working man, he was retired,” Cummings’ son told WESH-TV. “He was a father, a brother, a grandfather. He didn’t deserve this at all.”

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