Flood of migrant kids in NYC schools to fatten DOE coffers by $19M–plus  

NY Post

The city Department of Education is rolling out the red carpet to asylum-seeking migrants, helping them cut through red tape to get at least 1,500 border-crossing kids enrolled in public schools The influx of school-age children – among the roughly 8,000 newcomers bused to Manhattan since May by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott – stands to help the enrollment-starved DOE reap millions of dollars in new revenue. More than half – or $12,725 – of the DOE’s $25,334 per-student funding is picked up by the state and federal government, according to estimates provided by the watchdog Independent Budget Office. Enrollment in NYC schools fell to just over 1 million students by the 2021-22 academic year – a decline of 87,000 students over the past two years, the DOE confirmed. That loss in students translated to a yearly loss of roughly $1.1 billion in state and federal funding for the DOE, based on the IBO estimates. The 1,500 new students are expected to bring the nation’s largest school district $19.1 million in revenue, a figure likely to rise as the Adams administration welcomes more migrants, immigrants, and war refugees to the Big Apple, a so-called sanctuary city.

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