Flight from hell: Severe turbulence hits plane over the Atlantic

A flight was plunged into chaos when it hit turbulence that threw screaming passengers around the cabin, with one breaking their nose on the ceiling.

The Aerolíneas Argentinas AR1133 flight to Buenos Aires took off at 8.21pm on October 18 from Madrid.

But the Airbus A330 carrying 271 passengers and 13 crew members was affected by bad turbulence around seven hours into the 12-hour flight off the coast of Brazil.

The passenger jet sagged and shook around at 11,500 metres (38,000 feet) above the Atlantic.

The flight fell into pandemonium, with passengers, most of whom had been sleeping, panicking and food and drinks trolleys thrown around.

Aerolíneas Argentinas said that at the time of the turbulence, seat belt signs were on and an announcement had been made.

But some passengers fumbling for seatbelts or those who were unbuckled at the time hit the ceiling. 

Trolleys and bags hurtled through the cabin as hand luggage compartments opened.  


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