Five women in hijabs brawl by the side of the road – with one even dropping a TODDLER – in footage filmed by shocked driver in Saudi Arabia


A video captured the moment five burka-clad women brawled at the side of a busy road – and one repeatedly dropped a toddler.

The women were caught on camera throwing punches in broad daylight by a shocked driver in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh.

The woman on the far left is seen holding a toddler, who she drops onto the ground as the women punch each other.

Incredibly, she is seen continuing to fight her opponent while grabbing the youngster and trying to pick the child up.

But when the other woman lunges at her, the toddler falls to the ground again.

The mother hits the woman and tries to pick up the child again, holding her opponent off at arm’s length.

But just as a white car passes in front of the women, the toddler is seen on the ground yet again.

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