First, the purges: Comrade Chesa Boudin fires prosecutors for … prosecuting

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What would it be like if Hugo Chavez and Bill Ayers ran the city prosecutor’s office? San Franciscans are about to find out, now that Ayers’ stepson, Chesa Boudin, son of Weather Underground terrorists, and translator to none other than Hugo himself, has made his first move as San Francisco District Attorney. He’s kicked off his term with purges for insufficient revolutionary fervor, taking a page from Andrei Vyshinsky, Stalin’s famous show-trial prosecutor who enforced ideological purity. According to KQED: Just two days into his tenure as San Francisco’s District Attorney, Chesa Boudin fired at least seven prosecuting attorneys. Boudin said the actions were necessary to carry out the progressive policies he campaigned on. “I had to make difficult staffing decisions [Friday] in order to put in place a management team that will help me accomplish the work I committed to do for San Francisco,” Boudin said in a statement.


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