WATCH – ‘First do no harm’: Flip-Flopper Fauci in 2014 on vaccinating healthy people

VOA News on youtube:

In this 2014 interview Fauci lectures us that vaccine trials are very different from providing experimental drugs to treat Ebola.

Fauci: “[A vaccine] is not like a drug which you’re giving to a very sick person who has no other option. A vaccine is given to a healthy person, so the Idea of’ First do No Harm’ is much much more compelling when you are dealing with someone who is a normal healthy person vs someone who is desperately ill and has no form of therapy but needs something.”

Recently Trump called Fauci the “king of flip-flops,” saying he moved the goalposts “to make himself look as good as possible.” (Axios story here)

More at VOA News Channel

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