Finland Preparing To Evacuate Citizens Along Russian Border Should War Arise

As tensions remain high due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Finnish Defence Forces and others are preparing to evacuate residents along the Russian border in the event of a possible conflict.

The Finnish Defence Forces and other authorities may go as far as going door to door in the event of war to help evacuate those living along the border with Russia and gave a presentation on the issue in the eastern town of Lieksa this week.

Commander of the North Karelian Border Guard, Colonel Marko Turunen, said that many were interested in the topic of security in the area.

“Issues directly related to the war in Ukraine were not a priority there, but indirectly everyone wonders what the security situation is like in North Karelia. Surely for many, the international situation is in the back of their minds,” Colonel Turunen told broadcaster Yle.

If a war were to take place involving Russia and Finland, some have estimated that over a million people would have to evaluate westward from Eastern Finland.


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