File it under ‘Things you Can’t Make Up’: Anti-Trump Maine Dem U.S. Senate candidate rolls out guillotine campaign shirts

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Maine Examiner:

PORTLAND – A Maine Democratic candidate seeking the party’s United States Senate nomination to challenge Senator Susan Collins has decided to feature the guillotine, a device created in the middle ages to efficiently conduct executions by beheading, on their campaign t-shirts.

Lawyer Bre Kidman recently announced the “guillotees” in a tweet. Kidman is vying the Democrat U.S. Senate primary to challenge U.S. Senator Susan Collins. Photos courtesy Bre Kidman Twitter @BeeKay4ME

Bre Kidman, who is running in the four-candidate Democratic field, announced the new campaign shirts on Twitter Wednesday. They feature a bluish-green outline of a guillotine on what Kidman says they are calling a “GuilloTee.”

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