FIGHT OR DIE Putin ‘orders execution squads to kill HIS OWN men’ if they try to desert Ukraine invasion in brutal Stalinist tactic

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The Sun

VLADIMIR Putin has allegedly ordered execution squads to kill his own men if they try to desert his Ukraine invasion. The Russian tyrant expected a swift quick victory when he ordered the invasion nearly a month ago – but his forces have faced fierce resistance from Ukrainian troops. In a brutal revival of Stalin’s tactics, Ukrainian security services have reportedly been told by Russian prisoners that troops are followed by execution squads. There have also been reports of Chechen special forces being sent in to stop Russian soldiers fleeing the war, according to the Daily Mail. Since the start of Putin’s invasion, Ukraine has released videos showing Russian captives – with some of the soldiers claiming they chose to quit rather than keep fighting. Handwritten letters have also appeared, allegedly from Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, telling superior officers why they will not return. A Russian tank commander told Ukrainian troops he wanted to defect after he was reportedly told he would be shot dead if he returned home. A location was agreed and the Russian officer drove up in his tank before he was taken away by Ukrainian special forces. Victor Andrusiv, an adviser to Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs, said in a social media post: “It turned out that there was only one left from the tank crew, the rest escaped home. “He didn’t see the point of war. He could not return home because his commander told him he would shoot him dead and say he died in battle.              

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