FIFA chief Gianni Infantino lashes out at Qatar’s critics in a bizarre speech before the World Cup… claiming he ‘feels disabled, gay and like a migrant worker’ after being bullied for his RED HAIR as a kid


Gianni Infantino gives controversial speech the day before World Cup kicks off

Likens own experience as a red-headed child to that of gay and disabled people

Europeans should be apologising for next ‘3,000’ years for what they’ve done, he said

Gianni Infantino accused Europe of racism during an extraordinary speech on the eve of the most controversial World Cup in history. The FIFA President used his platform during a 57-minute soliloquy to launch a vehement defence of Qatar, insisting its treatment of migrant workers has not been anything like the picture that has been painted and they are more welcoming than many European countries. Even by Infantino’s standards, this was an astonishing performance, one which left those present flabbergasted by some of his claims and prompted a furious reaction from Amnesty International and other Human Rights organisations. Infantino, who will continue for another four years in his role after the World Cup, also maintained that LGBTQ+ supporters would not face any hostility in Qatar and said that ‘everyone was welcome whatever their race, religion or sexuality.’ He condemned the Western media for focusing on the storms that have arisen around this winter tournament and said: ‘What is sad, in these last weeks, we have been seeing in some places a real lesson on morals, on double morals. ‘I think what Europe has been doing for the last 3000 years, we should apologise for the next 3000 years for what we have done. I do not have to defend Qatar.

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