Felicity Huffman sentenced to two weeks in prison for college admissions scandal


Now she’s a “Desperate” inmate.

A Boston judge sentenced Felicity Huffman to two weeks behind bars on Friday for paying $15,000 to inflate her daughter’s SAT scores in the sweeping college admissions scandal.

The former “Desperate Housewives” star wept as she apologized to the court and her two daughters for her shameful actions before Judge Indira Talwani handed down the sentence.

“I am sorry to my daughter Sophie, my daughter Georgia, my husband William. I have betrayed them,” Huffman began.

She recalled the time when she was driving to the testing center after agreeing to scam the system.

“Sophia was in the car next to me, she was nervous, asking if we could get ice cream. I thought … I can just turn around … and to my eternal shame, I didn’t.”

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