Feds probe California university’s attempted Zoom meeting with hijacker

New York Post:

The feds are probing a California university for inviting a Palestinian airplane hijacker to give a virtual talk that Zoom refused to host, The Post has learned.

The US Department of Education is reviewing concerns that San Francisco State University broke federal rules by attempting to host the event with Leila Khaled who helped carry out two politically motivated hijackings in 1969 and 1970. The agency has also asked the Justice Department and the US Treasury to examine the case, documents obtained by The Post show.

The publicly funded school made headlines in September when Zoom barred it from using the videoconferencing service to broadcast Khaled’s talk. The stream was moved to YouTube but was cut off after just 23 minutes.

The Lawfare Project, a pro-Israel nonprofit, urged the feds to investigate the Sept. 23 event given Khaled’s ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP, a revolutionary group that the US has designated a terrorist organization.

“In normal circumstances, people like Leila Khaled would be barred entry into the United States,” Lawfare Project senior counsel Gerard Filitti told The Post. “However, now we’re living in a world in which Zoom and teleconferences and videoconferences are the norm, and it would be a perversion of justice if terrorists were allowed to spread their message and indoctrinate students by Zoom.”

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