Feds can’t say what happened to Afghan evacuees in U.S. who were security risks, not fully vetted  

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The Washington Times

Senators emphasize holes in background checks as a year passes after U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Biden administration is still allowing Afghans to reach the U.S. without checking them through a key Defense Department database that could help weed out national security risks, according to senators. Wednesday marks a year since the end of the final U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, yet lawmakers say they still haven’t received a full accounting of what happened in the chaos — including who, exactly, made it out of the country. Those who are tracking the matter say there are plenty of worrying signs. “Some of them have no IDs, some of them are created on the spot using whatever they said their name was,” one Senate investigator said. “What we know is frightening. And what we know we don’t know is absolutely overwhelming.” As an example, he pointed to the startling number of Afghans who are now listed with Jan. 1 birthdays.

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