Fed-up US farmers tell why government will put them out of business

NY Post

Within the next few months, the United States is projected to import more agricultural products than it exports for the first time in history — a worrisome development for America’s family farmers, who say government meddling threatens their livelihoods and the nation’s food security. “The United States has never had any trouble feeding itself and much of the world, too,” said upstate New York farmer Tim Stanton. “I guess the politicians just figure we’ll keep going no matter what they do to us. “But, you know, there is a limit.” Farmers all over New York and New Jersey say they are being pushed to those limits by President Biden’s attack on energy, Gov. Hochul’s labor betrayal, foreign competition and other woes. Here, five of them describe their challenges.

‘I cannot compete with that farmer in Georgia’

George Cassaday’s family has grown produce at Cassaday Farms, Monroeville, NJ, since they arrived from Ireland in 1895 — and he’s about to throw in the towel because of federal laws, inflation and fake virtue-signaling. “I am committed to being a farmer. I love to farm,” he said. “But I’m at the point now where I can’t grow vegetables anymore.” Despite the Garden State’s “Jersey Fresh” branding campaign, Cassaday said, New York-area supermarket chains use deceptive marketing practices to fool consumers while undercutting local farmers. “There’s a lot of fraud in produce,” he said. “There is no definition of what ‘local’ is. Local can be 500 miles away; local can be anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. So they lie to the public. They fool you into thinking you’re buying all this local stuff, and it’s not local at all.”

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