FDNY firefighter with annual $136K disability pension moonlights as stuntman

The New York Post:

A New York City firefighter has been moonlighting as a stuntman — while also raking in a $136,684-a-year disability pension, The Post has learned.

Firefighter John A. McGinty retired with the lucrative annual payout in 2016 after 25 years with the FDNY.

But it turns out McGinty, 58, has been working for years as a professional movie stuntman, according to his own LinkedIn page.

McGinty — who also goes by the stage name John Mack — says he is adept at fighting, driving stunts, falls below 30 feet and small fires, according to a profile on management site CMG Talent.

His personal cell number listed at the bottom of the profile is a dead giveaway.

McGrinty’s bio on IMDb lists 33 TV stunt film credits going back more than a decade — including appearances in “Law & Order,” “The Americans” and 2004’s “The Manchurian Candidate” — which means he was moonlighting as a stuntman while still a firefighter, as well as after retirement.

People who know McGinty blew the whistle on the stuntman and retired disability pensioner’s double life after seeing The Post’s recent story that nearly all the firefighters who retired last year had annual pensions that topped $100,000, mostly on three-quarter disability.

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