FBI Blasted for ‘Staged’ Photo of Documents Seized in Mar-a-Lago Raid

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is under fire for a recent photo that showcased documents the Bureau seized from Mar-a-Lago scattered across the floor, leading some to call out the photos for being “staged.”

The photo was included in a DOJ filing submitted late Tuesday that opposed former President Donald Trump’s request for an independent review of the documents the FBI seized from his estate earlier this month. 

The photo, which showed several redacted documents and others that were marked “TOP SECRET,” quickly made its way to social media after the DOJ submitted its filing to Federal Judge Aileen M. Cannon.

“DOJ wins daily PR battle with photo of classified documents strewn across floor at Mar-a-Lago,” Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York noted. “Story is Trump alleged mis-handling of classified documents, and just look at them — scattered all over the floor! Can you believe it?”

York then shared a screenshot of a tweet from verified user Cheri Jacobus who posted the DOJ photo and said, “This is how Trump stored Top Secret material he stole.”


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