FBI asked police to pull Bryan Kohberger over to get images of hands: report

The FBI reportedly tracked accused Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger and his father as they drove from Washington State University to Pennsylvania — and asked Indiana cops to pull him over to secure images of his hands.

Investigators likely wanted to see if the suspect had any visible wounds after allegedly using a large knife to commit the bloody crime.

A law enforcement source told Fox News that an FBI surveillance team had its eyes on the pair during their cross-country drive last month, when they were stopped twice for following too closely.

The feds had asked Indiana state police to pull the white Hyundai Elantra over on Dec. 15 because they were seeking video images of the murder suspect, including his hands, the source told the outlet.

Autopsies showed that some of the four slain victims had defensive wounds and each had been stabbed several times.

Online sleuths also speculated about the focus on the alleged killer’s hands.

“This is interesting: looking for size, cuts, bruising, etc?” one user tweeted.

“Just me seeing things or are these cuts/brusies (SIC) on Bryan Kohberger via 2nd police stop body cam?? Check out the ‘marks’ on BK’s hands/wrists from the video I saw on @TMZ. Are these cuts/brusies?” another wrote.

Another user suggested that cops stopped Kohberger a second time because they didn’t get clear images of his hands the first time.


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