Fast-acting worker thwarts man with six guns in Atlanta grocery store: cops

The New York Post:

The man who walked into an Atlanta grocery store armed with six guns and body armor was thwarted by a fast-acting Instacart shopper who overheard “clicking sounds” in the restroom, authorities said — as they released a chilling photo showing the arsenal of loaded weapons.

The worker, Charles Russell, is getting credit for stopping Rico Marley, 22, from walking through the Publix grocery store with pistols, a fully loaded revolver, an AR-15 style rifle and a shotgun, according to police reports released Thursday by Atlanta police.

Russell was in the bathroom Wednesday when he heard the “clicking sounds,” which sounded like someone was loading weapons, and then saw an “AR-15 style rifle” leaning against the wall, the worker told police.

The paid shopper told a manager what he heard and urged him to call 911, the police report states.

When an officer arrived at the grocery store, he apparently surprised Marley right after he came out of the restroom, the records show.

“I immediately ordered the accused to put his hands up and don’t move to which he complied,” the officer, armed with a ballistic helmet and a rifle, wrote in the report.

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