KDVR – Denver:

4 arrested, 1 at large in killing of student at Denver Jewish school

Police confirmed that 18-year-old Shmuel Silverberg was chased inside Yeshiva Toras Chaim the night he was shot and killed.

One suspect, Noah Loepp-Hall, cut off his ankle monitor at the beginning of the month, and another suspect, Isaiah James Freeman, escaped from the Q-House detention facility in Idaho Springs and had a warrant for his arrest.

All the suspects know each other from their time at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, a juvenile detention facility in Jefferson County.

The Denver Police Department released the mug shots of the four arrested suspects in this case. Below, the suspects are pictured clockwise: Noah Loepp-Hall, Seth Lahrode, Aden Sides, Isaiah Freeman.

Denver police are searching for an additional suspect, 19-year-old Samuel Fussell, in connection to this crime spree and have a warrant out for his arrest.

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