Farage – ‘Lawless Britain’ Media ‘Too Scared’ to Report on London Thugs Rioting in Small Seaside Town

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Nigel Farage has slammed the mainstream media for failing to report on some 5,000 south Londoners who descended on a small coastal town and rioted, took drugs, and injured police officers, over fears of inflaming cultural sensitivities.


Local families complained of being driven off the beach by the visitors, who were later reported to be drinking, taking drugs, and playing loud music in contravention of regional rules on temporary entertainment events.

As evening descended, more out-of-towners came, with reports of street brawls and locals being “locked in their houses, terrified”. Tensions were inflamed at around 9 p.m. when police tried to bring the situation under control, resulting in four officers being injured. Video circulated on social media even showed one officer being hit by a car.

Regional BBC news described the event as being for “underprivileged London youth”, and was organised by Croydon jerk eatery Flavour Boss. The restaurant’s owner, Wayne Williams, had organised three coaches to take some 200 16- to 24-year-olds 75 miles to the Kent coast, but that details of the event had been leaked on social media, resulting in thousands more attending.

Mr Williams claimed that people’s reaction to “black people on the beach” was “racist”.


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