Family of murdered TX man says Soros DA ignored their wishes, cut deals with suspects: ‘Absolutely disgusted’

The family of a man brutally killed in Austin, Texas, told Fox News Digital that the county’s Soros-backed progressive district attorney has ignored their objections to lenient sentences for all five defendants in the case and shown he “doesn’t care” about crime victims.

Christopher Branham, a 26-year-old father of two, was murdered on June 24, 2020, after being beaten and robbed in a mob-style attack at a Round Rock, Texas, motel by five individuals. He was then taken to a cornfield by two of the individuals, where he was shot and killed. His body was not found until weeks later. 

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza, a progressive activist funded by the network of liberal mega donor George Soros, took office in January of the next year, and Branham’s family told Fox News Digital that’s when “all the issues started.”

Branham’s family says the evidence against the five defendants is “overwhelming” and included terabytes of data and video posted on social media.


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