Famed ‘Antiques Roadshow’ expert claims buyer scammed his auction house


A celebrity antiques expert known for sizing up treasures on “Antique Roadshow” claims he was duped by a woman who scammed his auction house out of more than $100,000 — and is suing to recover the cash.

Leigh Keno, who along with his twin brother, Leslie, has long been a fixture on the PBS TV program, says the buyer seemed legit as she purchased $5,000 to $10,000 worth of items at a time, and always paid the bill.

“The checks didn’t bounce,” he said.

The buyer, whose name appears to be Chihyu Lu but goes by Grace Lu, then went shopping for a laundry list of Asian furniture and decorative items including a bronze “libation” cup with beast handle, watercolor painting of a cat and a dragon-carved display cabinet, Keno said.

She tallied up $178,450 worth of goods, which Keno said he let her take with a promise to pay later.


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