Fake Hate Crimes: The Injustice of Social Justice

The Jussie Smollett story has exposed the social justice movement for the fraud that it is. The whole premise behind the social justice movement is that there are segments of society that are being wronged by a majority that has used oppression to get it’s way and to keep others down. These victims segmented into groups; race, sex, gender, class, etc. The Smollett story covers a wide variety of victimhood under many of these banners as a gay, black man was assaulted the oppressor group: white, male, conservative, Trump supporters. It ticked all the boxes. But it was a lie. This story took on a life of it’s own because it happened to someone “famous.” But this is not a single occurrence in the era of Trump. 

Since the days leading up to, and after Trump’s election there have been at least 18 other incidents that we know of that have caused social justice outrage, only later to have been exposed as a hoax perpetrated by a member of the victim class. Black church vandalisms with pro Trump or KKK graffiti spray painted on them, “attacks” on Muslims by white MAGA hat wearers, assaults of minorities said to be based on race, when in essence they made it up or it was a member of their own race performing said bad act.

That’s not to excuse real racism, that we know exists, and real violence that we know happens. But this is the purposeful manipulation of information and emotions to paint a certain group as evil. And the media not only assists in hyping these fake attacks by jumping to immediate conclusions because they actually want these things to be true. But the do a disservice to real attacks on people that do get attacked for racial or religious means by burying the story because it will impede the accepted narrative. I will read you a list of some of these attacks that were both anti-Semitic and done purely because someone was supporting conservatism or the President. Top of mind recently is the attack on the Catholic school kids in DC that were falsely accused of surrounding a native American drummer and mocking him.

But this is nothing new. The legacy of Martin Luther King has been forever stained by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Sharpton himself is responsible for the death of several people because of the lies he told that whipped crowds into frenzies and brought death. He bragged about using hate if that’s what it took. And Al Sharpton didn’t pay any kind of a price. Although he was looked at by many as an outlier, and others as a pariah, he never paid a price. He even got away without paying taxes. But now everyday people are using those same tactics to promote fear, hate, and division. It became acceptable with the election of Barack Obama. There was hope that after America elected a black President we could put our past ugly history with race behind us, but no, instead it was ramped up. By him, his attorney general Eric Holder, and the numerous socialists and communists he had working for him. I’m not even talking about his cabinet of which there those too, but remember the amount of ‘czars’ he had. Unelected people that he put in charge of all his pet communist projects. 
With the rise of Obama, the race hatred and division was escalated as fast as he escalated our national debt. That emboldened a nation of his true believers to stand up and practice that hatred. With the election of Trump, that was the nuclear bomb that ramped it up times 100. Here was a man who would undo much of what Obama had put into place, because he actually was a man who tried to keep his promises. Couple that with a ruling class establishment that had many skeletons in their closet and could not let them see the light of day so they invented the one lie that makes the Smollett case look like a little white lie: Russia Collusion. And those that perpetrated that lie are seeing no repercussions coming their way. 

We are being divided as we have never been before and although the blame is being pushed on the current occupant of the White House, it is these social justice lies that are doing the most damage. You even have politicians like Cory Booker coming out and saying that the Jussie Smollett story is Trump’s fault because he invokes so much racism. There is no sanity anymore. The psychoses on the side of the social justice warriors is doing great damage to the fabric of our society. With the ease of access to information it will spread like a disease that will infect all of us. They say, ‘no justice, no peace,’ and they are right. The injustice the practice for me and not for thee will be the end of America.