Fairfax County library puts notoriously woke books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ next to Bible in ‘holiday reading display’ – only to remove it after sparking outrage among parents

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The Dolly Madison Library, in Fairfax County, Virginia, had put ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ up on their holiday reading display beside the Bible, causing outrage within the community

The library quickly removed the display and said they were not trying to offend anyone

Several parents in the community had protested about the woke books in school libraries

They claimed the books featured pedophilia and that the library was mocking Christianity

Woke children’s books and stories that celebrate diversity have recently dominated bookshelves in the US

A library sparked fury from parents after putting the books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ on its Christmas holiday reading display shelf next to The Bible. The Dolley Madison Library in Fairfax County, Virginia, took down the entire display hours after it was put up on Tuesday following complaints from parents that the books feature pedophilia and were not suited for children nor the holiday season. ‘It was not the intention of staff to create a display that could be construed as offensive,’ Fairfax County Public Library Director Jessica Hudson told Fox News. ‘The Dolley Madison Library holiday reading display was intended to highlight the freedom to read and the fact that many library patrons have more time during the holidays to do so.’ The holiday display featured colorful gnomes with long hats paired up with each book. The gnome paired with ‘Lawn Boy’ had a yellow hat and purple beard, and the gnome with the ‘Gender Queer’ had a purple hat and yellow beard. The gnome paired with The Bible had one a rainbow hat with other rainbow accessories attached to it. Rainbows are typically used to represent the LGBTQ community. The Dolley Madison Library, in Fairfax County, Virginia, put up (L-R) Lawn Boy, The Bible and Gender Queer in their holiday display, causing outrage among parents who previously protests against the woke books Among those leading the outrage against the display was Stacy Langton, who shared a photo of it on Twitter. Langton claimed the display ‘mocks my efforts to remove #PornInSchools and mocks Christianity.’ She rejected the idea that the library’s was not trying to be offensive. ‘It was intentional, it was meant to be offensive,’ Langton, who plans to hold a protest against the library on Saturday, told Fox.

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