Failed Congressional candidate instructs Antifa on how to make spike strips

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The Post Millennial:

A failed California congressional candidate is publicly supporting Antifa on Twitter and instructing militants on how to craft spike strips.

Steve Cox ran to represent California’s 39th Congressional District and lost the primary election on Mar. 3 with only 4.8% of the voters. He was also an independent candidate for the same district in the US House in 2018, losing the June primary of that year.

Now Cox is sharing anti-fascist content and even tweeting out tactics to take down counter-protestors.

“Or if they all got flat tires because a strip of sharp objects was deployed in their path,” Cox responded to a “direct action” advocate who had stated it would be a “shame” if the pro-Trump caravan of vehicles that occupied Portland over the weekend was vandalized with “colorful dents.”

To which the social justice account responded: “This is all hypothetical of course.”

Cox answered with a “hypothetical” tutorial on how to build your own spike strip with just a rubber hose or a strip of wood coupled with long nails.

“But they’d have to be long, hypothetically, because off-road tires have deep treads,” Cox clarified “hypothetically.” He compiled photographic examples for visuals.

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