FACT: President Trump Has Been 200% Better For Black America Than The Disastrous Obama Years

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DC Whispers:

The far-left loves to spew the term “racist” when discussing President Trump even as the facts consistently prove them wrong time and time again because based on actual results, if one compares how good the Trump years have been for Black America vs the Obama years, it seems Barack Obama was in fact the most racist president of all.

Results are what matters and when it comes to minorities in this country there has been no better friend to them than President Donald J. Trump.

…While Obama hoped his presidency would change the plight of the jobless, it’s the Trump economy that has achieved what Obama dreamed of and never accomplished. One sign of this is that, during his term, forecasters did not expect or project continued expansion after he left office. In its last forecast before the 2016 election, the Congressional Budget Office projected that unemployment would rise between 2017 and 2019 and that labor force participation would continue its decline. The opposite happened. Unemployment fell to 50-year lows under Trump, and the great economy actually pulled people back into the labor force.

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