FAA study shows UV LED lights could help prevent bird and aircraft collisions 

When Sully Sullenberger successfully landed his plane on the Hudson River after both engines ingested birds and failed, public awareness grew of the need to keep birds and planes apart. In 2015, the FAA began a study to determine the best way to achieve this goal. One thing they have been studying seems to be showing some success – ultraviolet LED lights.

Globally between 1988 and 2018, over 280 people were killed and 260 aircraft were destroyed by wildlife strikes, according to a report by the FAA.

“In the future, bird strikes are definitely going to rise because you’re going to have more aircraft in the sky,” said Dan Dellmyer, an engineer in the FAA’s Software and Systems Branch

Also, the population of large birds is expected to increase and new, quieter aircraft engines make it even more difficult for birds to hear the planes.


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