Experts: Biden’s Slow Response Puts US at Risk of Losing Control of Monkeypox  

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The United States is at risk of losing control of the monkeypox outbreak, because the Biden administration has been much too slow and cumbersome in its response, infectious disease experts have warned, The Hill reported on Sunday. The mistakes are very similar to those made when the coronavirus pandemic first broke out, experts said, stressing that it is spreading due to inadequate testing and a slow rollout of vaccines. National Coalition of STD Directors executive director David Harvey told The Hill that “we have lagged [in] streamlining testing, making vaccines available, streamlining access to the best therapeutics,” emphasizing that the monkeypox outbreak has not been controlled, because “all three areas have been bureaucratic and slow.” Harvey added, “This outbreak is already out of control. So we have not contained it. Vaccines are not going to contain it at this point. Because we don’t have enough. Getting them into arms is an expensive and intense process.” Making matters more inexcusable, experts said, is that strategies to reduce the spread of monkeypox are well known and have been for some time, because it is not a novel virus like COVID-19.

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