Farmers warn of food crisis because of shortages on top of fears about spiralling prices for beer, chicken, pasta and sausages and that rationing could spread beyond cooking oil


Farmers are warning of a food crisis sparked by shortages and spiralling wholesale prices – amid fears rationing could spread beyond cooking oil.

Major supermarkets are already limiting how much sunflower oil, which is largely sourced from Ukraine, customers can buy.

And other shortages and punishing price rises are being felt in the food chain, with an inevitable knock-on effect on choice and household budgets.

Farmers’ leaders warned the Environment Secretary George Eustice about the crisis at emergency talks last week.

Tim Lang, professor emeritus of food policy at City, University of London, said: ‘We are talking about rationing sunflower oil today, but it could be other products soon.

‘The Ukraine crisis is piling on the agony and reminding us – and the Government – that we cannot assume supermarket shelves will always be full.’


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