Exiled Afghan president’s children living luxurious lives in DC, Brooklyn

NY Post

Just a week after Ashraf Ghani cowardly abandoned his country for the luxury confines of Dubai (reportedly with $169 million in cash shoved in a helicopter), it turns out both of his kids live in luxury while women in their homeland live in terror about the return of the Taliban’s oppressive rule. His daughter Mariam was living the life of a hipster artist in a luxe loft in Brooklyn, The Post exclusively revealed last week, and his son Tarek Ghani is holed up in a $1.2 million house in Washington, DC. Tarek Ghani, an economics professor at Washington University in St. Louis, and his wife, Elizabeth Pearson, the legislative director for Elizabeth Warren, own the “immaculate” townhouse located just one mile from the Capitol, according to The Daily Mail. Ghani refused to talk to the paper, slamming the door on a reporter, but later went for a leisurely stroll and coffee with a female friend. Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, Taliban death squads are ramping up their search for American collaborators, beating up Americans trying to flee the country, executing local police chiefs and forcing women into unwanted marriages.

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