EXCLUSIVE: Uvalde Police Officers Receiving Death Threats After Texas School Shooting

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Multiple law enforcement sources from separate agencies tell Breitbart Texas that Uvalde-area police officers are receiving death threats following the Robb Elementary School shooting that left 21 people dead.

Officers from separate, highly-placed law enforcement agencies report that officers are receiving death threats as news media stoke the narrative that first responders waited too long to engage the Robb Elementary School shooter. Police continue the process of investigating and reporting the timeline of events throughout the campus.

In the absence of a formal release of all the details, many media outlets may be fueling the threats, one source argues.

The threats put officers and their families’ lives at risk, one source told Breitbart. The threats also distract officers from their investigative and typical duties.

Several law enforcement officers who responded to the shooting were parents of students at the school, other sources stated. One officer’s child did not survive while the parent was unable to make entry.

“Our officers had their own children in the building — one of whom was killed,” a local law enforcement official stated. “We wanted to end this as badly as anyone else. To think that we would stand around and let children die by choice is unconscionable for our officers right now during their time of mourning.”

One senior law enforcement source in Uvalde confirmed that the threats have been received by multiple law enforcement agencies who participated in the response to the shooting.

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