INSIDE: Teen Lamborghini driver, 17, arrested in LA crash death of 32-year-old secretary, is pictured with his father who bought him the $500k super car for his birthday

The Daily Mail:

  • Brendan Khuri, 17, is the Lamborghini driver who was behind the wheel in crash that killed secretary Monique Munoz, 32, last month
  • Khuri crashed into Munoz after losing control while allegedly street racing in Los Angeles.
  • According to police He has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter and Los Angeles Police Department has recommended negligent vehicular manslaughter charges 
  • Close family friend Candace Greene told ‘The kid is beyond remorseful, he cries every day’
  • Khuri was gifted the Lamborghini for his 17th birthday in June by his father James Khuri, 46, despite opposition from the boy’s mother Christine, 53.
  • James and Christine divorced in 2008 and Khuri’s stepfather said gifting the teen a luxury sports car was an ‘accident waiting to happen,’ according to Greene

The teenage son of a multi-millionaire shopping company boss has been arrested in the death of a Los Angeles woman in a high-speed Lamborghini crash, has learned.

Brendan Khuri, 17, was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini SUV that allegedly was street racing with an Audi when it plowed into Monique Munoz’s car last month, police said.

Munoz’s car was crushed and she had to be cut free of the wreck. The receptionist, 32, had dreamed of going to law school but died at the scene according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

An LAPD detective said they are also investigating social media posts.

‘We’ve done a filing,’ Supervising Detective James Dickson of the LAPD’s West Traffic department told ‘That filing was presented to the LA County Juvenile DA. It’s currently in his office.

‘The arrest charge was 192(c)(1), negligent vehicular manslaughter.

‘I can’t regurgitate what we found, but based upon multiple witness statements that corroborate one another, it’s clear that there was gross negligence.’

Dickson said he believed the Lamborghini was racing with an Audi, which was also found at the scene but was not involved in the crash.

‘We believe that that vehicle was potentially engaged in a speed contest with the Lamborghini. That’s a separate investigation and that’s ongoing so I’m not willing to comment at the moment, but we do believe that it was involved,’ he said.

The detective added that Brendan was absentee booked while in hospital. A lawyer for the Khuri family, criminal defense attorney Mark Werksman, denied Brendan was racing.  

Dickson said that ‘from evidence recovered and eyewitness accounts the vehicle was being operated at an unsafe speed.’ 

Under a picture of a Lamborghini race car on an LA street posted in December on Instagram, the the teen’s father James Khuri wrote ‘Fun Friday afternoon racing another Lamborghini SVJ on Sunset. Of course going speed limit.’

Those posts have since been deleted. 

Werksman said in a statement to ‘The Khuri family is devastated by the tragic accident on February 17, 2021 that caused the death of Monique Munoz. Their hearts go out to the Munoz family for their incomparable loss. 

‘Lawyers for the Khuri family and the Munoz family have worked out a financial settlement in order to allow the families to heal, and they are in the process of finalizing those details. They ask for privacy during this sad and traumatic time.

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