EXCLUSIVE: Museum curator tweets how to destroy statues with household chemicals … next target is ‘racist’ Winston Churchill

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Daily Mail:

  • Madeline Odent sent a series of tweets advising on how to destroy statues using chemicals found in everyday products
  • The curator of Royston Museum in Hertfordshire suggested using methods which are very hard to reverse, as the antidote chemicals are carcinogenic
  • Her tweets were shared thousands of times and provoked outrage

An Oxford-educated museum curator has provoked outrage by sharing expert advice on how to dissolve bronze statues using corrosive chemicals in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests.  

Madeline Odent, curator of Royston Museum in Hertfordshire, sent a series of tweets last night to her 5,164 followers, which were then shared thousands of times. 

She wrote that the damage would be ‘irreversible’ and ‘practically impossible to stop’ before saying her next target was ‘marble memorials of racists’ with a picture of Winston Churchill’s plinth.

There a growing demand from protesters for statues up and down the country to be removed from town centres due to their links to the colonial past. 

Her tweet is pictured here:

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