EXCLUSIVE: Highland Park shooter and younger brother were ‘always the last ones to be picked up from school’ because their dad was working and ‘flighty’ mom forgot, coach reveals

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Daily Mail

Bobby Crimo, 22, and his younger brother Sam were enrolled in the afterschool sports program at Lincoln Elementary School

They were often the last kids to be picked up because their parents ‘forgot’

Coach Jeremy Cahnmann says the boys were quiet, ‘more reserved’ than others in the class and seemed to get along

He said their mother Denise seemed ‘flighty’ and often didn’t show up for them

Their deli-owner dad Bob Crimo Sr. was just as unreliable, he said

Bobby went on to study in high school but it’s unclear if he graduated or what he did after that

He had been filming amateur rap videos in the years before the shooting

Highland Park shooter Bobby Crimo and his younger brother were often left behind at their afterschool program because their ‘flighty’ mom forgot to pick them up or their dad was at work, DailyMail.com can reveal. Crimo, 21, attended Lincoln Elementary School with his younger brother Sam. Between 2008 and 2014, they attended the LEAP afterschool program. Jeremy Cahnmann, 47, was a sports coach in the program. He told DailyMail.com how out of hundreds of kids he taught over the years, the Crimo brothers stood out because their parents often left them behind. He said it ‘of course’ did not explain why he committed such violence yesterday, but that the constant occurrences likely made him feel neglected as a child. It’s unclear when the shooter’s parents separated but they no longer live together; Crimo’s father, Bob, is a local deli owner and one-time mayoral candidate. His mother Denise is an ‘alternative healer’. Cahnmann remembers the father often being tied up at work or forgetting to make arrangements for Bobby and his younger brother.

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