EXCLUSIVE: Mass shooter Patrick Crusius’ father wrote a book describing his 40 years of drug addiction which tore apart his family.

Daily Mail:

  • Patrick Crusius’ father Bryan wrote a memoir of almost 40 years of drug and alcohol addiction which he says tore apart both his marriages 
  • The El Paso gunman and his twin sister Emily are Bryan Crusius’ youngest children; they have an elder half-brother Austin and an elder brother, Blake 
  • Crusius Sr. writes that he has been an addict for almost 40 years despite being a therapist himself saying that he suffered from alcoholism
  • He said he also took drugs including Vicodine, Quaaludes, hallucinogenics and magic mushrooms 
  • He now claims to be cured after Jesus spoke directly to him and having a spiritual encounter with his grandmother Mabel 
  • Book offers some insight into suspect’s upbringing but does not explain the twisted racial hatred he spewed in alleged online manifesto 

The father of the 21-year-old man arrested for the El Paso shooting massacre was a drug addict for almost 40 years and is now an energy healer who claims to have had visions of Jesus Christ and his dead grandmother, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Patrick Crusius allegedly killed at least 20 people and injured 26 on a gun rampage which began in a Walmart parking lot in El Paso, Texas on Saturday morning before he was arrested by police.

His father, Bryan Crusius, 63, revealed in a 2014 memoir details of the broken home his son grew up in, confessing to decades of drug and alcohol abuse that led to the breakup of both his first marriage and his 18-year relationship with the alleged shooter’s mother.

The book offers some insight into the mass shooter’s upbringing – but not what turned him into an apparently white supremacist-inspired multiple murderer who was cold-blooded enough to make sure he was taken alive.

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