Exclusive: Communist China and Russia Plotting a ‘New World Order’, Ukraine Just ‘First Step’, Says Lithuanian MP


Communist China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia are attempting to forge a “New World Order” in which the rules of the world are set in Beijing and Moscow instead of Washington, a Lithuanian MP has told Breitbart News.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Lithuanian politician Matas Maldeikis has warned that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is just the first step of the plan to upend the international order.

“Everything is being coordinated with China,” Maldeikis said. “Putin, along with China, is trying to create a New World Order, in which the rules of the world are created in Beijing and Moscow. Ukraine is just a part of this plan. Taiwan also.”

The leading Lithuanian MP said that he believes in exchange for China supporting Russia’s attempts to gain control of the former Soviet satellite state, Russia would in turn ship Ukrainian wheat to China, which has been facing food shortages amid devastating droughts over the past year.

Ukraine has a tragic history of Russia pillaging its food resources, with millions of people starving to death in the Holodomor (death inflicted by starvation) famine of 1932-3 when Stalin’s Soviet Union imposed a brutal communist campaign to collectivise farming and give Moscow the ability to control the supply of grain.


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