Biden’s China Chief “Fine” With the CCP Spreading Influence in America; Pre-Briefed Communists Ahead of a Major Summit

The National Pulse:

The latest addition to President Biden’s China team, Melanie Hart, participated in programs and authored reports sponsored by a leading Chinese Communist-backed propaganda organization seeking to “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing.”

Emails also reveal Hart saying she is “fine” with Chinese think tanks broadening their “international influencing” in the United States. She has also secretly provided Chinese Communist Party Premiers with questions ahead of conferences.

Hart’s newfound post as China Policy Coordinator to the Undersecretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment will allow her to “oversee a review of Trump administration policies.” Bloomberg notes she’ll focus on the Trump team’s “Clean Network” Initiative, which encouraged countries to block Huawei, a controversial and compromised Chinese Communist Party-linked telecommunications company, from 5G networks.

Hart’s past, however, casts her as an unlikely figure to be tough on Beijing.

Communist Cash.

In 2013, Hart took a trip sponsored by the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) to Beijing as part of a Center for American Progress (CAP) delegation.

Hart, who served as the Director of China Policy and a Senior Fellow at CAP, a think-tank with major influence during the Obama years, traveled to the communist country for an annual “U.S.-China High-Level Dialogue.”

The September event convened to discuss the findings of a 110-page CAP report entitled “Toward a New Model of Major Power Relationship,” which urged closer financial ties and military collaboration between the two countries. Among the Chinese Communist Party-linked attendees were academics from state-run universities and think tanks including the People’s Liberation Army Academy for Military Science.

Officials and experts in both countries need a more effective dialogue with their citizens on the importance of the U.S.-China relationship and what new- model relations exercise is designed to prevent and achieve,” the CAP report encouraged.

Hart, a Senior Policy Analyst at the time, also earned a special shoutout in the report for her “contributions” to the effort:

The National Security and International Policy team at the Center for American Progress authored this paper in preparation for the September 2013 CAP-CUSEF High Level Dialogue in Beijing, China. The team would like to acknowledge contributions by Senior Vice President Rudy deLeon, Senior Fellow Nina Hachigian, Senior Policy Analyst Melanie Hart, Policy Analyst Ken Sofer, and intern Luke Herman on this report.

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