EXCLUSIVE: Barnard Student Speaks Out, Blames ‘Diversity’ Push for Tessa Majors’ Death

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Speaking exclusively with National File, a student at Barnard College in Manhattan blasted the school, blaming it for the brutal December murder of freshman Tessa Majors.

National File has independently confirmed that Alex (a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the student, who is afraid of retribution from liberal classmates, professors, and staff) is currently enrolled at the private women’s liberal arts college, which has a partnership with Columbia University.

“Many years ago, Columbia/Barnard would warn students not to go to Morningside Park (where the murder occurred), because it is a hellhole ridden with violent crime,” Alex told National File.

“Now, they talk about how wonderful Morningside Park is because it is ‘diverse,’” she continued. “What these white liberals do not understand is that these ‘diverse’ people hate them, they hate that they go to Columbia, they hate that they are white, and they hate that they are encroaching on their territory, and they want them dead. It is sickening that the school would rather pander to minorities and push a political agenda than keeping their students safe. They should call her death what it is – a brutal murder by three black teens.”

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