Exclusive: Antifa militant arrested following domestic terrorism investigation

The Post MIllennial:

Federal authorities have arrested and charged a militant Antifa activist following a months-long domestic terrorism investigation into the attempting bombing of an occupied Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Atlanta.

Richard Tyler Hunsinger, 28, was arrested early last month and charged with damaging or attempting to damage U.S. government property using fire, intimidation of a federal officer and depredation against U.S. property.

According to the affidavit written by a special agent assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Atlanta, Hunsinger was part of a black bloc group that smashed their way into an occupied Atlanta ICE field office using cinder blocks, rocks and hammers on July 25. From there, the rioters threw a nail bomb and Molotov cocktails into the building. The outside was graffitied with messages affiliated with Antifa and far-left politics.

“An examination of the bottles conducted by the FBI determined they were ‘improvised incendiary devices’ (IIDs), also known as ‘Molotov cocktails,’ which are destructive devices as they contain an ignitable material, breakable container, and a wick,” writes the special agent in the criminal complaint. “Agents also discovered a commercial pyrotechnic inside the DHS Building. This pyrotechnic had been modified by the addition of metal nails into the body of the pyrotechnic.”

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