Ex-Ukraine President Yanukovych Asks Zelensky To ‘overcome Pride’ And Stop War With Russia


Amid the intensified Russia-Ukraine war and amounting to a major setback for Ukrainian forces, on Tuesday, March 8, Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovych urged incumbent President Volodymyr Zelensky to call off the resistance and stop combatting foreign troops. Diluting the Kremlin-led full-fledged invasion of Ukraine, the ousted Head of State of Ukraine concluded that the ongoing military crisis is merely a conflict of ‘pride’. 

In a letter published in Kyiv Independent and addressed to Zelensky, it was brought to the fore that Yanukovych has asked the Ukrainian President to ‘overcome his pride’ and stop the war at any cost. 

The exiled former Ukrainian President is perceived as becoming the Kremlin’s first choice after the invasion of Ukraine. On March 2,  Kyiv Independent shared on Twitter, “Putin wants to reinstate Yanukovych as president of Ukraine. Viktor Yanukovych is allegedly in Minsk, and the Kremlin is preparing an operation to replace Zelensky with the ex-president ousted by the EuroMaidan Revolution in 2014, according to Ukrainska Pravda’s sources.”


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