Ex-CEO of city’s largest homeless shelter operator busted for bribery

The New York Post:

The beleaguered ex-CEO of the city’s largest homeless shelter operator was arrested Wednesday for an alleged bribery and kickback scheme — a month after he was ousted from the non-profit amid sexual harassment and assault allegations.

Victor Rivera, 61, pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court to honest services wire fraud conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, and money laundering in connection to the Bronx Parent Housing Network.

Prosecutors allege in court papers that Rivera leveraged his position as the head of the non-profit — which has received $274 million from the city since 2017 — to line his own pockets and those of his relatives from 2013 to 2020.

Rivera was earning $306,000 a year as the head of the organization, which runs homeless shelters, soup kitchens and affordable housing facilities.

He allegedly solicited bribes and accepted kickbacks from contractors doing business with the non-profit, netting him hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit payments.

In one scheme, a co-conspirator who subleased property to the Bronx Parent Housing Network also cut checks to a consulting company nominally owned by one of Rivera’s relatives, prosecutors said.

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