Ex-Capitol Police Chief’s Testimony Blows Up Dem Narrative – Intelligence KNEW Proud Boy, Antifa plans

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Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has provided explosive testimony to the U.S. Senate that runs directly against the Democrats’ narrative about the January 6th Capitol riots.

Sund, who was forced to resign after pressure from Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats, clearly relates that the House Democrats “knew” there was a high potential for a riot with the capacity for violence. But due to concerns about the “optics” of the situation, the House sergeant-at-arms did nothing to stop it, he earlier said.

The former Capitol Police Chief’s testimony has been indispensable in establishing that there was plenty of advanced warning for the House and Senate. Sund earlier stated that the House was warned six times about the pending danger.

He revealed the resources the Capitol Police requested, including a stronger National Guard presence, in a resignation letter aimed directly to Speaker Pelosi.

The risk of a violent riot breaking out at the January 6th Electoral College session of Congress, following a contested election that would see Donald Trump purportedly “incite” a protest, was anticipated in detail as early as last March.

This was revealed in a Time piece that exposes a full-out effort by radical groups, powerful corporations, and labor unions to “fortify” the U.S. election and keep it from being won by Donald Trump. The Time article also reveals coordination among these influential left-wing groups and radical activists to keep a low-profile at the riots.

Testimony was also entered into the Senate record today from J. Michael Waller, who attested that ‘agents provocateurs’ had infiltrated and agitated the Capitol Riots crowd. There were also baffling acts, such as Capitol Police allowing protesters into the building.

Furthermore, concrete intelligence from early December suggesting foreign influence in the origins of the planned Capitol Building assault has since been reported by CBS News’ Catherine Herridge.

Everyone in D.C. had to have known it would be a powderkeg; just like it was following Donald Trump’s election and his inauguration in 2017, which also saw violent and destructive rioting.

On one hand, the gap between the intelligence indicating the high potential for a violent riot, along with far-right extremist plans for a capitol building raid, and on the other hand, the complete inaction by the House and Senate leadership, is a chasm that raises profound questions. One of the foremost questions regards what Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats knew about the impending riot and their concerns about the “optics” of the event.

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