Eviction Ban – A woman generously let a man stay in her garage temporarily, but now he won’t leave

ABC6 – San Antonio:

COVID-lock ban on evictions prevents her from taking action

A senior citizen who says she was trying to help a man down on his luck now says she can’t get rid of him. She says the COVID-19 temporary ban on evictions is only making her life more difficult.

“It makes me feel like an idiot, it really does,” said property owner Silvia Arocha.

Silvia Arocha says she was only trying to help when she agreed to let a man down on his luck stay in her garage apartment for a few days.

Three months later, she says he refuses to move out and has moved in his girlfriend and two young children.

“He said he’s not going to move he has rights,” Arocha said.

Arocha says their verbal agreement never involved payment. Now her generosity is costing her.

“My electricity went from $80 to $300 a month,” Arocha said.

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