Even Salt Lake City …


Thousands of protesters gathered near the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building to make their voices known as part of the national George Floyd rallies.

The protest began around noon Saturday and 600 South was blocked as dozens of cars lined the streets. The protest then spread north along State Street to the Utah State Capitol complex, which was covered with graffiti in places.

As the day wore on, protesters vandalized stores, burned vehicles and threw objects; by the end of the day, protesters and officers were injured and many protesters were in police custody.

“The safe space we offered for today’s protest is no longer safe for anybody,” said SLC Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “Please, if you are on Salt Lake City’s streets right now and do not meet those exceptions, go home.”

Law enforcement officers from across northern Utah gathered near the Salt Lake City Library, armed with shields and batons, formed lines across from the protesters and began moving forward to disperse crowds.

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