Europe’s Winter of Discontent: Berlin Police Drawing Up Emergency Plans for Possible Energy Grid Collapse

Police in the German capital of Berlin are preparing emergency plans in anticipation of a possible collapse of the energy grid over the winter.

The police force responsible for Berlin is currently drawing up emergency plans in the event of the city’s energy grid collapsing, with officers in Germany’s increasingly multicultural capital anticipating rioting and looting over the winter months if the worst should occur.

Other officials across Germany have already warned of possible social unrest over the coming months as people are left unable to heat their homes, with bigwigs frequently using the country’s right-wing as a scapegoat for the existential energy problems the German state is now facing as a result of green agenda policies and the Ukraine war.

According to a report by Die Welt, law enforcement in the country’s capital are now anticipating that they will be forced to deal with various levels of social unrest as a result of the ongoing crisis.

Under the plans, separate preparations have been made to help police deal with public backlash resulting from raised prices and energy rationing, both of which officials reportedly now view as being likely.


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