WATCH: Farage Shares Footage of Migrant ‘Invasion’ on Beaches of Britain

Brexit leader Nigel Farage characterised the growing migrant crisis in the Enlgish Channel as an “invasion” as more migrants landed on British shores on Friday.

Sharing footage of migrants rushing ashore on an English beach, Mr Farage said: “This video was taken in Dungeness yesterday. Would it be wrong to use the word invasion? Take a look for yourself.”

According to the BBC’s migrant reporter Simon Jones revealed that 201 migrants in nine boats reached the United Kingdom on Friday.

Earlier this week, the Brexit leader challenged Home Secretary Priti Patel to come to the country’s border to witness the scale of the boat migrant crisis, as nearly 6,000 illegals have landed since the start of the year.

“I am challenging now Priti Patel, come and visit Dover, come and visit Dungeness, come and speak to these people who have to deal with this every single day,” Mr Farage said on Monday.

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