Estranged wife of ex-Army IT specialist who ‘murdered Utah student Mackenzie Lueck’ says he slashed her with a butcher’s knife, tried to tie her up with a phone cord


The estranged wife of Utah murder suspect Ayoola Ajayi says she was forced to flee their turbulent marriage when he slashed her with a butcher’s knife and threatened to kidnap her.

Ajayi is accused of kidnapping and killing 23-year-old University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck before burning her body and burying it in a back yard in North Salt Lake.

He is still legally married to mother-of-four Tenisha Jenkins Ajayi, but the pair have not seen one another for years after she went into hiding and changed her cell phone because of his violent outbursts.

‘If he took an innocent child he needs to spend his life in jail,’ she said through tears, in an exclusive interview with

‘If they need me to come to court and testify against him, I’ll tell them how he was aggressive and controlling. This could have happened to me. This could have happened to my child.’

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