ESPN Launches Another Protest of Anti-Grooming Laws


Joining its radical cohorts at Disney, “sports” network ESPN went all-in against anti-grooming laws on Tuesday with a long series of tweets celebrating trans child athletes and other gay activists.

On Tuesday, ESPN tweeted out a message insisting, “ESPN believes in inclusivity and denounces legislation and actions across the United States that infringe on any human rights. We stand with our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, friends, families, and fans.”

From there, the “sports” network told its 39 million followers that it would “continue to partner” with radical “LGBTQIA+” organizations and “never stop” telling their stories.

The first such “story” ESPN posted in its series of tweets was about an 11-year-old boy who “identifies” as a girl named “Becky” and who wants to be a cross country athlete.

ESPN went on to post nearly a half dozen more “stories” of transgender and gay activist athletes in its series of tweets aimed at mollifying Disney’s various groups of gay employee activists who have been attacking Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill.

The Twitter series comes on the heels of several ESPN employees who interrupted coverage of the NCAA championships with “moments of silence” as criticism of Florida’s anti-grooming law that leftists falsely label the “don’t say gay” bill that somehow “targets” the LGBTQ “community.”

Last week, ESPN announcers Elle Duncan, Carolyn Peck, and Courtney Lyle all stopped performing their duties as sportscasters and began shilling for the radical LGBTQ agenda on the air in support of Disney employees who have been attacking CEO Bob Chapek for not speaking out forcefully enough about the Florida education bill.


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